Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Two Natures in Christ "Scripture Passages on Communication of the Majesty" (Flesh of His flesh)--Martin Chemnitz

"However, in order that the assumed human nature might be able to cooperate in these activities, it not only possesses its own natural properties or infused created gifts, but it has the true, divine majesty and power of the Logos personally united with it, with which it has personal communion, using this majesty and power for its own acts of cooperation in these works, just as fire manifests its activities through the heated iron and the hot iron in turn possesses and uses the power of the fire because of its union with it, so that it glows and gives heat, yet without commingling, conversion, or equating of the substances, as we have often stated. And this is a matter of very great comfort, because from this I can be certain that the benefits of Christ the Savior apply even to me, poor and unworthy as I am, that He has included, considered, and cared also for me in His saving work, so that I can thus have an open way, access, and share in His blessings and activities. For not only has His divine nature accomplished the duties of the Savior, but He also utilized His assumed nature for carrying out and completing them, and He performs and accomplishes His work as Savior in, with, and through this human nature, by which He is my Brother and I am flesh of His flesh."

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