Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Some people freak out about getting a year older. Some people choose not to celebrate their birthday. I however love birthdays! I don't freak out about getting old cause I think in life it's all about how young at heart you are. For me a birthday is an opportunity to celebrate God's gift of life. I celebrate the many blessings He's given me, and the special people He's placed in my life. My parents (mom especially) have always been good about finding those special gifts to give. And food is always a part of the celebration too! So I love birthdays. And I get a little annoyed with people who complain about their birthday, getting older etc. Hey, we need to celebrate each year (well, each day) of life God gives us and thank Him for all His goodness. I had a great birthday yesterday, and a great time celebrating on the weekend as well.

The Cheesecake Factory

I love the Cheesecake Factory! I remember I used to think all they had was cheesecake. Then I realized they have an extensive menu with all different kinds of food! I love their variety, and have had so much awesome stuff. Some of my favorite things are the Firecracker Salmon Rolls and the Thai Chicken Pasta. Good cheeseburgers as well. As far as cheesecakes--I really need to do a better job at keeping track of which ones I've tried. I know I've had the Tiramisu Cheesecake, the White Chocolate Raspberry, and the Chocolate Coconut Cream. I think part of the fun of this place is I don't go there too terribly often. So it is a special treat when I do go there.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

Was able to see this Disney movie at the cheap theater the other night. I thought it was cute. It had some interesting time travel stuff. I liked the motto used in the movie a lot "Keep Moving forward." My theme word I picked out in January for this year was "forward," so I was thinking about how I have been moving forward in various areas in my life. Some other favorite elements of the film--the lady with all the caffeine patches and the musical frogs.


I love my Chicago Cubs! When I was 4 or 5 years old, I picked out this team as "my team" after seeing them on TV. I think at that time I picked them because I liked the colors on their uniforms. I have remained loyal to the Cubs all these years (Cubs fans are incredibly loyal). Even in the really rotten seasons, I have never given up on them. I firmly believe I will see them win the World Series someday (sooner rather than later hopefully). Since I live in the St. Louis area, I get a lot of grief from people, but I have no plans of ever abandoning my team. And games like today--back and forth with the Cubs ultimately defeating their crosstown rivals the White Sox--incredibly awesome!

Lindt Creme Brulee Candy Bar

"Fine milk chocolate with a delicate creme brulee filling and crunchy caramel pieces." This is chocolatey goodness. Most excellent!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My mom is so important to me. I am so blessed I have a mom who has given and continues to give so much love and support. And I always have seen how strong her faith is and how she lives out her faith in service. When she does something, she goes out and gives 100 %. She is a perfectionist, and I definitely have that high standard for things too.

We have so much fun together. We laugh so hard over the smallest things (sometimes I say we have the same warped sense of humor), and enjoy doing whatever together--watching movies or our TV shows, shopping, going to concerts, playing games, traveling etc. I love how young at heart my mom is. If everyone had a mom like mine, the world would be a better place! I honestly don't know what I'd do without my mom.

Monday, May 14, 2007

"Jesus Lives! The Victory's Won!"

Jesus lives! The vict'ry's won!
Death no longer can appall me;
Jesus lives! Death's reign is done!
From the grave will Christ recall me.
Brighter scenes will then commence;
This shall be my confidence.

Jesus lives! To Him the throne
High above all things is given.
I shall go where He is gone,
Live and reign with Him in heaven.

God is faithful; doubtings, hence!
This shall be my confidence.

Jesus lives! For me He died,
Hence will I, to Jesus living,
Pure in heart and act abide,

Praise to Him and glory giving.
All I need God will dispense;
This shall be my confidence.

Jesus lives! I know full well
Nothing me from Him shall sever.
Neither death nor pow'rs of hell
Part me now from Christ forever.
God will be my sure defense;
This shall be my confidence.

Jesus lives! And now is death
But the gate of life immortal;
This shall calm my trembling breath
When I pass its gloomy portal.
Faith shall cry, as fails each sense;
Jesus is my confidence!

Text: Christian Furchtegott Gellert
Tune: Johann Cruger

I appreciate hymns more and more and keep discovering hymns that blow me away. I have heard this hymn in years past, but recently I have really grown to love it. What a joy to sing this hymn in this Easter season! And it also is speaking to me this week as a member from church I have visited for years who had suffered much was called to her eternal home Saturday.

I think many people like to focus on self-confidence. Many times I do not feel confident at all. This hymn speaks beautifully of where our confidence is. It is in Jesus Christ Who conquered sin, death, and the power of the devil. My favorite stanza is the fourth one which conveys the truth in Romans 8:35-39. In this life we can only truly be confident in Jesus.