Friday, May 23, 2008

Ruth--Concordia Commentary by John R. Wilch

I used this commentary a lot when I was preparing to lead a Bible study on the book of Ruth. It's really excellent--it elaborates on the key themes in the book of Ruth and speaks of other Scripture passages that relate to the book. The description of the commentary on the CPH website says this:

"The Book of Ruth tells the story of a destitute foreigner who came to believe in Israel’s God and was welcomed into God’s people. By grace she was privileged to become an ancestor of Jesus Christ, the Savior of all people.

The commentary focuses on the themes of God’s covenant; His loyalty, reflected in the lives of His faithful people; the theology of missions and evangelism; Boaz as a redeemer, prefiguring Jesus Christ; and the promise of eternal life. The commentary’s Christocentric hermeneutic elucidates the rich Gospel message of Ruth and its relevance for the church today. The author’s international perspective and decades of service as a pastor and professor have given him unique insights into the message of this neglected book."

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