Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Two Natures in Christ "Scripture Passages on Communication of the Majesty"--Martin Chemnitz

"Therefore, with regard to His church, Christ redeems, makes propitiation and peace, calls, gathers, teaches, converts, justifies, cleanses, gives life, sanctifies, governs, cherishes, sustains, guards, defends, preserves, liberates, and is present with it. He views, considers, fills, works, and hears all things, shows mercy, grace, help, and succor in necessity, supplies all our needs, crushes the serpent's head, and breaks and destroys the kingdom and power of Satan. He crushes, checks, conquers, punishes, and defends us against our enemies, dispels and wards off our dangers, lessens our calamities, frees us from evils, performs miraculous works, fulfills His promises, raises the dead, gives eternal life, etc."

Chemnitz articulates so well what Christ does for us. I love all the verbs he uses.

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