Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still Standing

I only in the last year got into this show as it has been shown in reruns on Lifetime every day. It really cracks me up. It's about a working class couple in Chicago raising their 3 kids. The parents may seem a little crass or not the warm fuzzy time parents, but they do love their kids.
I like the last episode "Still Graduating" a lot.

Another favorite episode is "Still Our Kids." The Millers are Cubs fans, and find out their son's boss is a White Sox fan.

Bill: The Cubs stand for everything good and wholesome in Chicago.
(Judy comes in and Bill proceeds to tell her about Brian's boss being a White Sox fan).
Judy: What kind of person would choose to live like that?
(They then talk about how the boss is corrupting their son).

This Cubs fan loves that whole bit!

Sally Struthers is awesome as Bill's manipulative mom Louise.

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