Sunday, October 7, 2007

Party of Five

I love this show which aired for 6 years starting in 1994. The show was about the Salinger family whose parents had been killed by a drunk driver. They faced a lot of things in addition to their parents' death--everything from alcoholism to cancer to various relationship woes. Some people were critical of the show saying there was just so much tragedy and drama. But hey, such tragedy is part of life in our fallen world; this stuff really happens to families. What I like about this show is that it was ultimately about this family sticking together no matter what. Sometimes they fought, but in the end they supported each other and loved each other and got through stuff together. And it was interesting to see how each of the characters grew throughout the course of the show, especially Charlie, the oldest sibling who was responsible for taking care of his younger brothers and sisters after their parents' death. This show had a great cast and interesting story lines. Great drama!

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