Friday, October 5, 2007

"It Is What It Is"

I find myself saying "It Is What It Is" a lot lately. I don't know how I came to start using that expression all the time, but I guess sometimes (especially at this particular time in my life) I feel it's the best way to express how I feel when something has happened that I might not be totally happy with or something has disappointed me or wasn't exactly what I expected. We humans often lament about something not going the way we want or a situation or event not being to our liking. And man, we can waste a lot of energy getting worked up over it, complaining about it. And really what's the point of that--most of the time something's happened and you can't change it, or something is out of your control. So I guess, "It Is What It Is" to me is kind of a statement of acceptance and moving on and not getting dragged down by something. Life's too short for that, man!

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