Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Refuge and Our Strength by Morgan Weistling

Weistling says of his painting, "This painting depicts one of my favorite passages from the life of Christ. I wanted to give the viewer Peter's point of view, as though we were struggling in the water with him. And like Peter, we come to the realization that Christ is there to save us, as He always is, suggested by the light breaking through the turbulent clouds above the rest of the disciples."

I have always liked the account of Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14, and Weistling in his painting, captures this so well. As soon as Peter starts focusing on the storm around him rather than on Christ, he becomes afraid and sinks. But Jesus immediately reaches out and catches him. It is the same with us; we often focus on the storms in our life more than on Christ. Our fears take over. But Christ is where He always is--right there to grab hold of us and save us, undeserving as we are. Such a powerful image!

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