Monday, October 8, 2007


I met Abigail in 1996. We were both studying film at Columbia College Chicago and had a Composition and Optics class together. I guess somehow we started talking and we ended up working on an assignment together. That was the semester my dad had his health problems, and I ended up deciding to drop my classes and not stick with film. But we stayed friends and that year began our tradition of hanging out at Taste of Chicago. Every year since '96 we have met up at Taste for a day of talking, laughing, and eating. It is a great tradition! At times that has been the only time during the year we've seen each other, but it's been nice when we've gotten together other times too in the city and gone to Navy Pier, Water Tower, Ghiradelli's, museums, etc. Abigail is so much fun to spend time with--she has such an awesome sense of humor. We just end up laughing at various situations and things. She is also a very creative person.

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