Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Birds

Another Hitchcock classic. Hitchcock referred to it as possibly the most terrifying motion picture he had made. I don't think I would call it terrifying, but it is creepy. I mean, what's up with those birds anyway?! There is not a real ending per se; Hitchcock did not want "The End" at the end of the movie--he wanted it to be left up in the air about these birds and if the attacks would continue and what the cause of the strange and violent behavior of the birds was. My favorite scene in the movie is Melanie at the school. The kids are inside singing a song, and she goes outside and sits on a bench. There is a bird on the playground equipment. Melanie smokes a cigarette, and is oblivious that all these birds have come until she sees one flying overhead and turns and watches it land on the playground equipment now covered with crows.


Caryn said...
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Anonymous said...

This movie cracks me up. My favorite scene is when the bird flies right at the woman and pecks her on the forehead. (I think she is in a boat.) Cracks me up everytime I see it!

Kel said...

Caryn, Weren't you with us that one night when we watched this with Andy B. at Concordia? Good times!