Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Two Natures in Christ "The True Mode of the Communication of the Majesty"(Revelation in the Word)--Martin Chemnitz

"But that which might be investigated or disputed, which does not have the express revelation in the Word (since we cannot in this life explore or fully understand the depth of this great mystery), must be deferred and held in abeyance until we enter that great heavenly, eternal, and enlightened school where we shall see the glory of Christ, our Savior and Brother, face to face. Although I cannot explain these things, I must not depart from what is expressly revealed in the Word.

If this reply appears rather rude, simple, and puerile, I will not deny it, but I know it is the truest, surest, and safest of all. For we must not believe or say anything about God but what is expressly revealed in the Scripture."

Chemnitz says this in his discussion of the communication of the majesty. His words are so important, and all theologians need to heed them. Too many try to go beyond God's Word speaking about God. That is a very dangerous road.

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