Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brookfield Zoo--Brookfield, Illinois

Usually when I visit a city, I like to check out its zoo. I have been to quite a few zoos, but Brookfield Zoo in IL is still my favorite. There are so many animals there. You can easily spend the whole day there and not see everything. And I love this zoo because they have Tropic World. Tropic World is a created rain forest atmosphere that has many monkeys and gorillas which are my favorite animals. They also have an area called The Living Coast that has penguins, sharks and sea turtles. I like how this zoo is set up, and always enjoy my visits there. There is a nice interactive map on the website that shows all they have.


Chris said...

I'll bet their moose would be out.

Kel said...

Yes, that will always be one of my memories of the Toronto Zoo--treking all that way to the Canada section only to find the moose weren't out.