Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Number 23

I usually wouldn't buy a movie without having seen it first, but the idea of this movie intrigued me even before I saw it, so I did buy it and was fascinated with it. This is a different role for Jim Carrey, and he is great in it as Walter Sparrow, a happily married man and good father who starts reading a book his wife buys for him on his birthday. The book of course, is The Number 23, and Walter is profoundly affected by this book and becomes obsessed with it.

I was unaware of "The 23 Enigma" before this movie. Even though I am always saying I am not a numbers person at all, I really find this interesting. The 23 Enigma is, "an esoteric belief that all incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some permutation of the number 23, or a number related to the number 23."

This movie was suspenseful, and has a good twist. Very interesting!

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Chris said...

There actually might be something to the "23 enigma." Consider the following:

1. Michael Jordan wore number 23.

2. Ryne Sandberg wore 23 as well. (shout out to the resident Cubs fan).

3. The most famous and beloved psalm? The 23rd.

4. The hymn "A Mighty Fortress" is based on Psalm 46 (double 23).

5. Certain really important votes, according to Robert's Rules of Order require a 2/3 majority vote.

6. 23 is the age of the guy in the blink182 song, "What's My Age Again?"

Just puttin' that on the table.