Monday, April 28, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

I just started watching this show in the 2008 season. People on the show compete on teams in cooking challenges. Chef Gordon Ramsay tries to whip these people into shape, and often yells and screams or throws food that hasn't been cooked properly against a wall. He's tough and often nasty. It's interesting to watch people compete and try to prepare food that meets Ramsay's high standards and provide a good dinner service to the people dining in the restaurant. The best person on the losing team has to put 2 people up for elimination, and after they've each had a chance to plead their case, Ramsay eliminates one of them. To stay in the competition, a person needs to be a good cook, work well with others, be a strong leader, and be able to put up with Ramsay's harsh ways. The winner of the 2008 season is promised the title of Executive Chef at Ramsay's restaurant in Los Angeles.

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Chris said...

Ramsay's emphasis on service is actually what sets this show apart form other cooking competitions (ICA, Top Chef). Granted, I prefer Iron Chef America. But that's mainly due to the fact that Ramsay's berating of the chefs gets old to me after a while.

I will say this, though, about Ramsay's harshness. It's because he cares so much about food and the restaurant business that he is the way he is. And he does have high standards. We should all have high standards, but I think he, at times anyway, is just cruel for the sake of television. He seems different on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmars on BBC.