Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reign Over Me

Once upon a time I was studying to be a film director. Though I didn't stay on that path, I love movies, and every once in awhile a movie comes along that makes me say, "That's the kind of film I would have made." Reign Over Me is one of those movies. Ultimately it is about the power of friendship, the impact a person can have on another's life by caring and being willing to give one's time and bear with a person even when it's difficult.

This is a very different role for Adam Sandler, but he does a great job playing Charlie Fineman, a man whose wife and three daughters were killed on 9/11. Charlie has shut down, closed himself off from people. But then his former college roommate in dental school, Alan (played by Don Cheadle) runs into him and their friendship is rekindled. Alan wants to help Charlie, and Charlie eventually opens up to him about what happened to his family.

This is the kind of stuff I like to write--wounded characters, characters who have experienced loss but are impacted by someone who cares. This is a powerful film.

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