Sunday, April 13, 2008


I think this is one of the coolest game shows. It first aired in December '07 as a week long tournament and came back in April '08 as a weekly show. Two players compete against each other in answering multiple choice questions. The game goes like this, "Before each question is asked, a screen rises between the contestants to hide their answers from one another. The question is read by the host and the contestants use their chips to cover choices, one chip per choice. They may cover any number of choices, provided they have enough chips. After both players have locked in their answers, the screen is lowered so contestants can see each others' choices, and the correct answer is then revealed. Contestants keep chips covering the correct answer, while chips placed on wrong answers are taken by the chip girls. While there is normally no time limit for locking choices in, contestants can "press" each other to impose a seven-second time limit, after which their opponent's answers are locked in automatically. Each contestant has one press per duel. The duel continues until at least one contestant fails to cover the correct answer to a question." So strategy comes in when deciding how many chips to play. Sometimes a person may need to play it safe and cover all the answers to guarantee staying in the game. But if one can use fewer chips initially, he/she has the advantage later on if the other person runs low on chips and can't cover all the answers. The questions can be on history, science, pop culture, etc. I think it's a lot of fun. It can be played online by going here: You can either play solo or challenge someone else online.

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