Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Any Other Love" Smalltown Poets

This is a great song performed by Smalltown Poets (which can be found on the album Third Verse). The lyrics of this song contrast God’s love to any other love. Any other love is “imagined,” and “infatuation, fun fades and loses its appeal.” The lyrics say that in contrast God’s love is real.

The second verse says:
“Any other love
Is misplaced identity
Paring pride and shame
With the life it fakes of me
Faces of familiar loves
Fall in shadows on the floor
Chased there by
The light that pours
When you open every door.”

These lyrics remind me that people often look for love in the wrong places or make the love of/for another person a god sometimes. But any other love but God’s is not perfect; it cannot satisfy one’s deepest needs. Only God’s love is perfect and unconditional. And as long as people not know that perfect love of God, there will always be an emptiness inside them. God sent His Son to suffer and die for our sins. That is love!

I love the music of this song too. I really like it when the group does harmony in parts of the song.
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