Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have really loved writing fiction since high school. I wrote several short stories then. And I started a lot of things I never finished. I took some writing classes in college and wrote a few things. Currently I am working on writing a novel. It is my dream to get it published. There's a long ways to go before there's even any possibility of that, but it is my dream, and I need to keep working at it. I like writing relationshippy kinds of stuff--stuff about friendship, family. And I love writing "wounded characters," people who have been hurt or experienced significant loss, and maybe feel they can't trust and have to put up walls. I like to write the story of how that character changes, usually as a result of someone caring for that person and helping them to break down those walls. And the novel I am writing now is ultimately about someone coming to faith in Christ. The main character is someone who prides herself on her strength, but stuff happens that eventually brings her to the realization that her own strength is not sufficient.

It is fun to create something. My favorite part is playing out scenes in my head. Wherever I am, I can have a little movie in my head whenever I feel like it, playing out scenes, fine tuning dialogue and so on. The physical writing or typing is difficult sometimes, especially because I am a perfectionist. And I love writing dialogue, but descriptions are challenging for me. Writing is pretty cool, and I hope I can press on with my novel. I already have ideas for other works too!

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Chris said...

And you'll be great at it. You are such a talented woman.

By the way, I'm writing as well. I'm working on a non-fiction version of the 2007 Convention report.