Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mama's Family

This is such a great sitcom which was actually a spin off from a sketch on The Carol Burnett Show. Vicki Lawrence plays Thelma Harper or "Mama" who is outspoken and often cranky. One of my favorite episodes is "Mama Gets a Job" in Season 1. Mama gets a job at The Raytown Travel Agency, but between family interruptions and her tell it like it is attitude, she doesn't keep the job long--her facial expressions and the way she talks to people just cracks me up. This is such a funny show.

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Groovy said...

"It's a great day here at Raytown Travel Agency; may I HELP you???"
What a great show! One of my favorite episodes (I have many) is the one where they have a yard sale and try to sell Iola's handicrafts. Love it.