Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Hammer of God Section 3-On This Rock "A Heart of Stone and a Rock of Salvation" (Conscience)--Bo Giertz

"How can you know what the Spirit says today?" asked the pastor from Ravelunda. His voice was like cold steel.

"It becomes a matter of conscience."

"It means, then, that the conscience is the highest authority. No thank you! Then both you and I are lost. The conscience does indeed know quite a bit about the law, but it knows absolutely nothing about the promises of the gospel. Can the conscience tell you whether Jesus was crucified? Can it say whether He died for our sakes? Can it determine whether He rose again? Can it know that He is to return again to judge the world? These are the chief truths of the gospel, and no man would have the faintest idea of this, if we could not read it in the Word. Christianity must therefore cling to the Word to the end of the ages, or it must cease to be Christianity, since it would no longer have the gospel of Christ to proclaim."

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