Monday, December 17, 2007

Pastor Fred

I think the first time I met Pastor Fred was when I was moving some stuff into my office at church. I think actually I was storing some things there till I got a place, and Pastor E. and my mom were helping haul some things. Pastor Fred had come up to church and ran into us and he said he was just in time to help and started carrying stuff in. I think I always remember that because as I've gotten to know him more in my years working at church, I've seen over and over again that that's just the kind of guy he is--glad to help, friendly etc. A few years ago, he got some chairs for my office and put them together which I appreciated so much--he knew it was something I had wanted and just went out and got them for me. His laid back, easy going personality is good for me to be around. Pastor Fred is a faithful shepherd to God's people, and a kind hearted person. Also, he has a great sense of humor!

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