Saturday, November 3, 2007

Picket Fences

This show, which aired in the 90s, took place in the little town of Rome, Wisconsin. It featured the Brock family--Jimmy the sheriff, and Jill, the doctor and their children. Other main characters included the deputies Max (Lauren Holly) and Kenny. The show had a high quirkiness factor--one episode featured a serial bather, someone that broke into people's houses and took a bath, and another featured the Frogman, a burglar that left frogs at the scene of his crimes. Yet the show also dealt with serious topics and issues and presented various sides. There were episodes dealing with HIV, abuse, birth control, end of life issues etc. The show was part police investigation, part courtroom scenes (Don Cheadle was wonderful as a lawyer, by the way), part relationship focused. And the right blend of these things worked well. The show was especially good in the first seasons. As it neared the end, it wasn't as strong. This show had a great cast!

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