Friday, November 16, 2007

Mellencamp Concert

I had seen Mellencamp do a benefit concert several years ago. While it was a great show, he didn't do a lot of his popular and famous songs. So the second time I saw him (which was last night), I was really hoping he would perform the hits he is known for. The concert last night was awesome! He sang "Pink Houses," "Paper in Fire," "Human Wheels," "Scarecrow," "I'm Not Running Anymore," "Our Country," and other hits; he did an acoustic set which included "Small Town," and some new stuff. But my favs that he performed were "Jack and Diane" and his encore number "Authority Song." Mellencamp is 56 and he told the audience that he was sick and almost canceled the show. He was coughing a lot throughout. But for being 56 and feeling like crap, the boy rocked it! Great concert. (The fiddle player was fantastic too, by the way!) The only think that disappointed me was that he didn't sing "Peaceful World." That is my fav. Mellencamp song, and it would have been so cool to see him do that live.

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