Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diet Coke with Lime

I pretty much love anything Coke. I used to drink a lot of regular Coke. Then I had a lot of cavities one time, not from candy, but from all the regular pop I was drinking. My dentist said to drink diet pop. I did not like diet pop at all at first. But the Diet Coke with Lime came out several years ago and has a great flavor, and I started drinking this a lot. It's also great when you mix it with some Malibu rum!

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David said...

I found out recently at the dentist that the best pop to drink that won't cause as many cavities is Diet Barq's Root Beer. The best "regular" pop is Barq's Root Beer. Why? They both have a low PH count. Go figure.

It just so happens that I like Barq's Root Beer! I liked it before I found out the news.