Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Amazing Race

I enjoy this reality show quite a bit. One reason is it involves travel. It is fun to see the various places around the world the teams get to travel to. Also, it is fun to see the interactions of the teams and interactions between the teams. It is always interesting to see how people relate to each other, and how stress affects the relationship. In some cases it is touching to see the bond strengthened for some pairs whether it be friends, a married couple, brother/sister, father/daughter etc. In some cases you laugh at the antics of people. And sometimes you do scream at the TV because people are just being idiotic! But it's really fun to watch. Above is a pic of Mirna and Charla who were on one of the seasons, and then were back for an all star edition. They were a fun team to watch since these cousins both had strong personalities and bickered with each other (yet it was obvious they really cared about each other); they had such spunk and determination. I really wanted them to win! The current teams are really bizarre; each one seemed weirder than the next. Should make for some amusing moments!

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