Saturday, September 1, 2007

Michal and Family

I met my friend Michal at college (Concordia River Forest). We lived in the same cluster of a dorm and were both there for orientation week (myself as a transfer student and Michal as a freshman). We had good times in college--late night talks, rowdy games of spoons, snow "fights," praying together, laughing together. Michal was a good listener to me, a calming presence when I got stressed out, and from the beginning I always appreciated her wit, intelligence, and humor. One word that has always come to mind when I think of my friend, is sincerity. Michal is one of the most sincere, genuine people I know. Sometimes in the world we live in, that can seem pretty rare. Though life has taken us in different directions, and different states the last several years, I am so thankful we keep in touch, and am so thankful to have been able to spend time with her and her family too. Her husband Sam is a great guy, and her kids Jonah and Seth are amazing. I have enjoyed my times with them so much. It has been cool to see Michal as a wife and mom--I just have so much respect for her in how she juggles everything, and she is such a great mom to those kids. One of the blessings of going to Concordia was to meet fellow Lutherans--people I share a bond of faith with. And I think it's that bond of faith that will keep Michal and I together as friends no matter where each of us is in life.

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