Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Have No Fear, Little Flock"

Have no fear, little flock;
Have no fear little flock,
For the Father has chosen
to give you the Kingdom;
Have no fear, little flock!

Have good cheer, little flock;
Have good cheer, little flock,
For the Father will keep you
In His love forever;
Have good cheer, little flock!

Praise the Lord high above;
Praise the Lord high above,
For He stoops down to heal you,
Uplift and restore you;
Praise the Lord high above!

Thankful hearts raise to God;
Thankful hearts raise to God.
For He stays close beside you,
In all things works with you;
Thankful hearts raise to God!

Text: Heinz Werner Zimmermann and Marjorie A. Jillson
Tune: Heinz Werner Zimmermann

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping. And the other night as I was lying in bed with a bunch of stuff swirling around in my head, I was trying to pray and needed something to hold on to. And this hymn started going through my head. It was so comforting! Sometimes it's a hymn like this that is so comforting because it speaks simply and plainly that God is there taking care of us, and we really do have nothing to fear. It is that simple; it's something to hold on to in sleepless nights, in difficulties, in all the challenges and struggles in life.

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Chris said...

I've always loved this hymn. It's easy and cute enough for kids to learn. Yet it is a powerful message which impacts grown-ups as well. For me, this hymn is a must for Good Shepherd Sunday.