Saturday, September 15, 2007


I first met my friend and deaconess sister Julie when we were at Concordia River Forest. She and I along with another deac student/friend were assigned to the same field work place. So every week the three of us would ride there together. We had a good time even though back at that time Julie gave me a hard time EVERY WEEK about wearing pants as part of the deac uniform. I knew back then during those field work days that Julie was a lot of fun. As the years have gone on, she and I have gotten to know each other more as we attended deaconess conference, worked a booth at a convention in Tampa, and as we got together when she was in the area visiting family. I respect Julie a lot--she is a solid confessional Lutheran deaconess, a hard worker, and a compassionate person. And she's still a lot of fun and always makes me laugh! It is so good to have a fellow deaconess to talk about things with. Sometimes there are things that only a deaconess sister can understand.

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