Monday, March 3, 2008

Must Love Dogs

I loved this movie from the first time I saw it because it was such an accurate and funny portrayal of dating in the time we live in now. I have done the whole meeting other singles on the computer thing, and know it isn’t easy.

Diane Lane is wonderful in this movie as a recently divorced woman whose family worries about her and posts her ad on the computer hoping she will find someone. She is so dry in her delivery sometimes; it’s great.

One funny part is where she answers a personal ad only to discover it was her father’s ad (her dad is a widower). When she sees him at the restaurant and realizes she is answering her own father’s personal ad, he laughs, but she is horrified and says, “This is disturbing on so many levels.” Her sisters then tease her relentlessly, one of them saying, “It’s a shame I didn’t know before. I could have called Uncle Chet and we could have doubled.” The other sister then chimes in with, “How would you rate dad as a date—hot, superhot?”

I really like John Cusack in this too as a recently divorced man who is a little intense sometimes, but good hearted. This movie is a great romantic comedy, and I also like the family interactions. The siblings tease each other a lot, but are always right there to support each other.

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