Monday, March 10, 2008

Grandma Alyce and Grandpa Claude

This is my mom’s mom and dad. When I was a kid, I pretty much only saw my grandparents twice a year—they lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area and they would come visit sometimes for my birthday, and my parents and I would visit them in the summer. (We lived in a suburb of Chicago). I have some fun memories of us going different places in OH—amusement parks or the zoo. And I remember playing games like Password. My grandpa would cheat sometimes doing different actions and stuff when he gave his clue. Looking back now, I wish I had known them more. My dad’s parents died before I was born so I never knew them, and with not seeing my mom’s parents very often, well, it makes it hard. My grandpa died when I was in high school. My grandma lived with my aunt in OH for awhile after that, and my parents and I would visit when we could. My grandma had various health problems including a stroke. She ended up coming to live at a nursing home near us for the last year or so of her life. I try very hard to live life without regret, but I think I do regret not going to see her more when she was in the nursing home. I was in college at Concordia then and lived on campus so wasn’t around a lot, and when I was around I found it difficult sometimes because my grandma couldn’t talk very clearly because of the stroke (though she remained sharp mentally) so it was hard to have a conversation with her. My mom was very faithful about visiting her every day when she was in the nursing home, yet something else I respect my mom for. My grandma had an awesome sense of humor and it was fun to watch her get into one of her laughing fits.

Even though I wish I had known my grandparents better, I recognize the influence they have had on my life. For instance, they (well, especially my grandma) brought her to church, had her baptized, showed how important faith in Christ was. My mom (and dad) then brought me up in the Lutheran faith. I also sense that in some ways, mom learned things from her parents that she wanted to do differently in bringing me up.

I am also very thankful to my grandparents. When I was little, they set up a trust fund for me for my college education. That money paid for my undergraduate and part of my Master’s. I am so incredibly grateful for that. When I was a kid I probably didn’t appreciate the trust fund they had set up, but I sure do now. They made my life easier. I didn’t have to struggle like a lot of people do. I know how blessed I am, and just wish I could thank my grandparents. I now have my Master’s; I know my grandparents would be proud of me.

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