Monday, March 31, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio

I have a fondness for Cleveland since my mom grew up in the Cleveland area, and when I was growing up, my parents and I would go visit my grandparents (and aunt) in the Cleveland area every year. Cassie and I took a great trip to Cleveland years ago too. One of Cleveland’s most famous landmarks now is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which is pretty cool. There are also other museums, the zoo, shopping, and great restaurants (like Lola, which will have a post itself!). I also saw a baseball game at Jacob’s Field once (it is now called something else), and would say the Cleveland Indians is my second favorite baseball team. The city takes a lot of pride in its Indians and in its football team, the Browns. Something else I think is cool about Cleveland is this area called The Flats. It’s an entertainment area which has a lot of restaurants and bars, but it’s cool cause it’s located right along the Cuyahoga River. Cleveland Rocks!

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