Monday, March 10, 2008

"Jack and Diane" John Mellencamp

In honor of John Mellencamp being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight, March 10, 2008, I had to do a post about one of his songs. “Jack and Diane” is such a fun song. It always makes me smile to hear it and I end up singing along. This song came out in the 80s, my “growing up” years so I think that’s another reason why it’s fun for me to hear it.

I always remember this book about music I read once that talked about how pessimistic/depressing the lyric is, “Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.” And yeah, as a Christian, I can’t embrace that lyric because even when life is hard, there is a joy and peace that come from knowing Christ, and life is a blessing, a gift from God, not just something to get through. However, I know when faced with challenges or having some crappy days, the lyric does seem to resonate, and maybe can remind us that when life gets hard or isn’t what we want it to be, we just keep going and don’t get stuck. Now that I’ve analyzed that, I’ll say I don’t think this is a song that should be overanalyzed. It’s a fun song!

I think Mellencamp is very talented. Seeing him perform this song in concert was really great. Now sing it, “Oh yeah, life goes on…”

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