Saturday, August 11, 2007


Last night I went to Tony's in St. Louis. someplace my boyfriend has wanted to go for quite some time. This is the only restaurant in the state of Missouri ever to have received the AAA five diamond award. This is the fanciest restaurant I have ever been to. It was incredible! We had a lobster appetizer, I had spinach, avocado, roquefort salad, and then the Lobster Albanello (lobster and mushrooms in a creamy mushroom sauce). The food was so good. We had wine with dinner, and then had dessert and cappuccino. Such a wonderful evening. It was cool how they prepared food and desserts near your table. Fabulous dining experience.


David said...

That must've cost "The Boy" at least $100-$150. He really loves you!

Did the servers walk backwards out of the serving area? I remember reading they used to do that so as not to turn their backs on you. That's manners!

Kel said...

Actually his parents took us out which was so nice.

I didn't really notice about the backing out. Someone was always right there though to refill our wine glasses and so on.