Monday, August 13, 2007

Boz Hot Dogs

I always thought this place was called Bozo's but apparently it is Boz (I always thought that face at the end of the logo was supposed to be another "o"). Anyway, there are several Boz hot dogs up in northern Illinois and Indiana. The one I've gone to in Thornton is basically a little shack. But the food is so good. I like to get a hot dog with everything--everything includes relish, mustard, cucumbers, peppers, celery salt, probably other stuff I'm forgetting. And I love the chili boat--that is a tamale with chili over it. And I get cheese and onions on it as well. Delicious food. When I visit my dad he is willing to take me out to eat wherever I want to go, to nice restaurants or whatever. But sometimes I just want my Boz hot dog and chili boat. (It will always be Bozo's to me though).

1 comment:

David said...

I thought it was Bozo too!

We have 'em in Kankakee, and Bourbonnais. Maybe Bradley.