Monday, August 13, 2007

American Idols Live 2007

This was the first year I was into American Idol for the whole season. I enjoyed watching the show, and thought it would be cool to see the Top 10 when they toured. It was a fantastic concert! They each sang a song individually, but throughout the show they sang duets, sang as trios, were in various groupings. I think some of these guys and gals will go far, and there is something exciting to me about seeing people at the start of their career like that. Melinda is my favorite, so I enjoyed seeing her perform. Some of my favorite performances were Melinda and Sanjaya singing "Proud Mary," the girls singing some Motown, Lakisha singing "I Have Always Loved You," Phil in his navy uniform singing "America the Beautiful," Blake singing "You Give Love a Bad Name," and the songs where they all sang together. I enjoyed seeing Gina again too--I think she should have made it a lot farther. It was a great night, and such a great variety of music to appeal to many different people.

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