Tuesday, January 22, 2008

White Deer

Living in the Midwest, seeing a deer becomes pretty common. The house I grew up in has a forest preserve right behind it, so often I could look out our huge windows and see 15 deer at one time out in the backyard. Other people who came over might have been fascinated, but I just got tired of cleaning up the mess out back if I wanted to play badminton or something! But recently my dad told me that he saw a white deer. I thought he meant it was just a lighter shade. But then I saw it--it is really white--like blend in with the snow white. And I was fascinated. I had never seen a white deer before and I found it to be beautiful and kind of weird at the same time. The one time when I was visiting my dad, I saw the white deer but was unable to snap a pic before it took off. But this past time visiting, I saw it and grabbed for my camera and snapped a couple pics. The white deer is cool!

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