Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cops and Robbersons

This is a really cute and funny movie. Chevy Chase's character Norman loves cop shows. Jack Palance's character is a cop, and he and his partner come and stay with Norman and his family so they can stake out the house next door. Chase plays a well-intentioned but bungling character and there are all sorts of amusing moments. Favorite scenes include when the rest of the family realizes the cops are staying there (Norman didn't tell them ahead of time, and the family awakes to find these strangers in the house), and in the end, there is a great scene with Dianne Wiest, the wife and mother in the movie, where she gets ahold of the gun and aims it at the bad guy, and he goads her saying, "Come on Mommy, you shoot," and the way she responds to him and handles herself is so funny.

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