Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928. Mickey Mouse is so much more than just an animated cartoon chracter. He is a widely recognized symbol all over the world. For a lot of people, seeing Mickey Mouse brings a happy, magical feeling. He reminds people of their childhood. For me, Mickey Mouse reminds me of when I was a kid and how I loved having a Mickey Mouse theme for my birthdays, AND it reminds me of my trips to DisneyWorld which I took as an adult. I am truly a kid at heart, and absolutely love DisneyWorld. So seeing Mickey Mouse evokes such happy memories, and brings out the kid in me. And we all need to be a kid again from time to time and have a break from reality or"the adult world."

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Chris said...

I'm actually kinda surprised that it took this long to have a post on Mickey.