Monday, November 24, 2008

Kitchen Nightmares

This show features the chef Gordon Ramsay. The formula of the show is pretty much this: Someone who is somehow involved with a struggling restaurant calls upon Chef Ramsay for help. Ramsay comes to the restaurant, finds a lot wrong (can be lousy food, unclean kitchen, poor management, all of the above, etc.), he then tells the people involved with the restaurant what needs to change, usually at one person involved is resistant to the changes, typically everyone eventually gets on board and the restaurant has a chance to be successful and everyone is grateful for Ramsay's help. Ramsay is blunt and foul mouthed, but I think he does genuinely care about making a difference and ends up helping people. Ramsay is just fascinating to me. Outside of it being a bit frightening how many restaurant kitchens are so unclean, it's really an interesting show to watch.

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