Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Two Natures in Christ by Martin Chemnitz

A description of the book from the Concordia Publishing house website: "This is a translation of Chemnitz's De Duabus Naturis in Christo, written in 1578. This book concerns the two natures of Christ (the divine and the human), their hypostatic union and the communication of their attributes and related questions. It shows that the Christology of the Lutheran reformers is that of Scripture, the ancient church fathers, and the creeds."

This is the kind of book that is best read little sections at a time, so that one can digest the material. This book reminds me that with theology, you can go deeper and deeper and deeper into it, yet still not be able to fully explain everything. And that's something I really love about Martin Chemnitz is that he'll explain as much as he can according to the Scriptures concerning Christ, but he fully admits in many places in this book, that there are some things we cannot fully understand. We must leave these things till we get to "the heavenly school." I love that kind of honesty in a theologian because it can be very dangerous to attempt to explain more than what we can about God.

There are many passages from this book in my Theology posts, so check it out!

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