Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who You Are Who You Serve Quote--Rev. Jim Hoppes

"Remember who you are and Who you serve."
--Rev. Jim Hoppes

Jim is a retired pastor who has served as presiding elder at Holy Cross. One day he came to my office at a time when I was feeling discouraged and he shared those words with me. And it was just the reminder I needed. Remembering who we are IN CHRIST is essential. No matter how discouraged or disappointed with life we might be, remembering we are baptized into Christ, dearly loved by God, can bring us great comfort. And serving in the church can be challenging--dealing with criticism and negativity is disheartening. But in those difficult times, remembering we are serving the Lord by serving His people helps us to persevere. When the Lord calls us to service, He will equip us and strengthen us. And when we by faith serve the Lord to the best of our ability, it is pleasing to Him.

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