Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playing Guitar

I have always loved music. I have always turned to listening to music when I was stressed and needed to relax. I have a massive CD collection and tons of tunes downloaded on iTunes. And I have great respect for the talents of my musical friends. So I started thinking it would be cool to make some beautiful music myself. I had played clarinet in grade school and through my freshman year of high school and then took piano lessons in high school, but didn't stick with it. When I started thinking about taking up an instrument again, I thought about piano, but more and more, I have grown to love the acoustic guitar sound! So in February 2011, I bought a guitar and some books, and started teaching myself.

I absolutely LOVE playing my guitar! It is so therapeutic after a long day to sit there and play music. I especially love playing hymns and Christian songs. You just can't be in a bad mood when you're playing and singing "Jesus Loves Me," or a great hymn! Deciding to learn guitar was a good decision for me. I think I really needed something else in my life--a hobby, a way to relax etc. And I am excited about how I will be able to incorporate guitar playing in my ministry (playing for my shut ins or for kids at school).

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