Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kelly "KB"

When Kelly "KB" started working as secretary at Holy Cross a few years ago, I had no idea we would end up being such close friends. Seeing each other every day, we ended up laughing, talking, and sharing a lot with each other. When KB left HC to take another job, I cried because I knew I would miss seeing her every day. But I know I have a friend for life.

In addition to being funny (I started writing KB quotes down in a little book), KB is an incredibly genuine, sincere person. She's the real deal. And she shows caring in so many ways whether it's asking questions about different people and situations in my life or giving hugs at times when she knew that's what I needed even though she would not consider herself a touchy feely person or sending a text to check in.

Not only do we share the same name, but we are also the same age. And we share many common interests like reading, shopping, eating Thai food etc. We always have a lot of fun together. And of course our faith in Christ binds us together.

I have a great deal of respect for KB. I know in a lot of ways she didn't have the easiest life growing up, yet she overcame whatever difficulties she had, and is an amazingly centered person, a hard worker, an awesome mom to her kids Jackson and Karter, and an amazing friend.

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