Sunday, August 14, 2011


I got to know Mary from us working together at Holy Cross. Mary served as secretary at Holy Cross years ago when I first started working there, and then after leaving to work somewhere else, she returned to work as office manager. When she came back to work at Holy Cross the second time, I feel we got to know each other more (well, and through finding out we both loved watching Lost!

Something I've always admired about Mary is her strength. She has faced a lot of difficult situations and losses in her life, but I see how she gotten through that and know the strength that enabled her to get through all those hard times was from Christ. And that has inspired me and helped me as I faced some challenging times. It was a blessing she came back to work at Holy Cross when she did because she was a visible reminder to me of how with Christ's strength we can face anything.

Mary is a very talented musician. She plays French Horn in several different groups throughout the year, and I love going to her concerts.

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