Friday, February 1, 2008

The Two Natures in Christ "Scripture and Church Fathers Show Mystery of Hypostatic Union"--Martin Chemnitz

Chemnitz speaks of giving a partial explanation of the hypostatic union of the two natures in Christ:

"But when we draw from God's Word the knowledge which is revealed in Scripture concerning this mystery, knowledge which in this life is necessary and sufficient for salvation, we must understand that many things will remain which are incomprehensible and ineffable to us in the weakness of this life. It is useful for us to keep this fact in mind so that we may repress our natural curiosity."

I love that Chemnitz is so honest about saying when it comes to God, there's just a lot we can't figure out, and we shouldn't push it. Trying to explain things that we can only have a limited understanding of leads to all sorts of problems.

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