Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Under Pressure" Queen and David Bowie

Under Pressure
By David Bowie
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I really dig the music of this song. It just kind of sticks in your head. And it's a good "stressed out" theme song. Vanilla Ice got in trouble for using a bass line in his song "Ice Ice Baby" that seemed to be the same one in "Under Pressure." Though there was no lawsuit, Vanilla Ice settled out of court. I saw a clip of him once trying to explain how his line was different, and it was hilarious.

When I first really got into this song, I was still in my parents' house, and I played this on the stereo over and over again. My mom got so sick of hearing it and desperately wanted me to play anything else. Then my mom and I went to the theater to see the movie Stepmom and "Under Pressure" was played near the beginning of the movie. It was kinda funny.

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