Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flashback by Gary Braver

Flashback is an awesome medical science thriller. One of the characters, Jack Koryan, is attacked by a school of jellyfish whose toxic stings send him into a coma. After being in a coma for 6 months, he awakes to find the toxins have helped him to have an extraordinary memory. But he also experiences disturbing flashbacks. Meanwhile, Rene Ballard, a pharmacologist, ends up working with a drug company claiming to have developed a cure for Alzheimer's. But the "miracle drug" is causing disturbing flashbacks in some of the elderly patients. The drug company is determined to move forward with the drug despite the issues and despite the concerns of Rene and others. Don't want to say more than that, so as not to ruin anything. This was one of those books I couldn't put down. It's very engaging and suspenseful.

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