Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Some people freak out about getting a year older. Some people choose not to celebrate their birthday. I however love birthdays! I don't freak out about getting old cause I think in life it's all about how young at heart you are. For me a birthday is an opportunity to celebrate God's gift of life. I celebrate the many blessings He's given me, and the special people He's placed in my life. My parents (mom especially) have always been good about finding those special gifts to give. And food is always a part of the celebration too! So I love birthdays. And I get a little annoyed with people who complain about their birthday, getting older etc. Hey, we need to celebrate each year (well, each day) of life God gives us and thank Him for all His goodness. I had a great birthday yesterday, and a great time celebrating on the weekend as well.

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Chris said...

Glad I could make it special.