Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Twilight Zone

This anthology series aired 1959-1964 had elements of science fiction, fantasy, and suspense. Sometimes the episodes dealt with fears people had; sometimes the episode was like a parable or fable in the message it conveyed. Years later, the show still has the ability to keep people fascinated.

Some interesting episodes include the one where a little boy terrifies people by his ability to make bad things happen to those he doesn't like, or the one where a couple steals a camera that takes pictures of things that occur five minutes in the future; or the one with the dying man who gives his annoying relatives masks to wear that show their true personalities. For me some episodes are definitely better than others, but there are plenty of great episodes. It seems the last several years the Sci-Fi channel has run Twilight Zone marathons on News Year's Eve/Day and Fourth of July Even/Day. Great for getting a nice big does of the supernatural.

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