Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble

As the title of the book indicates, this novel has to do with friendship. Four very different women become friends while attending Oxford and continue the friendship as adults. When one of the women, Freddie, receives 2 devastating blows, her friends, each in their own way, rally around her. Though some of the characters do some things I wouldn't condone, I love the story of friendship here. There's a great scene with two of the characters that takes place after an incident where one has said some horrible and untrue things to the other. The one who said the horrible things is speaking first:
"Of course it's ruined. We can't come back from this."
"Who says?"
"I isn't ruined. Do you honestly think we'd still be friends all these years later if you were just the geeky girl from down the hall who Sarah made us hang out with. No way. We're friends all these years later because we still want to be."

It is a solid friendship that withstands a lot of stuff. Since most the characters are from England, I also enjoy the way they speak--different expressions and words used for things.

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